Week One: Building Theme Essentials


Week One: Introduction

Length: 8 minutesAuthor: Dustin Hartzler

In this brief introductory video, I explain how the class is going to work, the topics of discussion for the week, how to ask me any question you may have and how the weekly call will work.

Week One: Child Themes

Length: 27 minutesAuthor: Dustin HartzlerComplexity: Easy

In this lesson, you will learn why it’s the best practice to make theme modifications with a Child Theme, plus I will show you step by step how to create a Child Theme for the twentyeleven WordPress theme.

Week One: Frameworks Review

Length: 42 minutesAuthor: Dustin Hartzler

In this section, I wanted to provide you with some information about some of the most popular WordPress frameworks. For each framework, I’ll be showing a brief demonstration of how the theme works. You will also be able to login and play with each of the themes for yourself.